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Chlorenergy....    around the clock...     Day & Night...     " World's most researched  dietary chlorella supplement you can trust......" Chlorenergy® -- "Super Premium Chlorella" and the NEW AstaVibrance® an astaxanthin supplement"

Dietary Chlorella Supplement
"The King of Chlorella"

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— CHLORENERGY® — the world’s most scientifically researched chlorella is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014 since its first introduction in 1964. CHLORENERGY® is the world’s first mass-produced chlorella.

√ Superior Species:  A powerful & authentic dietary chlorella supplement made from pure chlorella vulgaris with naturally occurring chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE)

√ Original Brand:  Produced by the world-famous chlorella specialists in Japan who  successfully pioneered the world's first chlorella mass production in 1964

√ Most Researched:  Endorsed by 504 cases of research studies (1964/2002) presented at well-respected Japanese medical, pharmacological, nutritional societies & international conferences during the past 44 years

√ Vegetarian Compatible:  A great source of Vitamin B-12

  √ Highest Digestibility:   Japan's #1 highest digestibility rate of 82.8%.  The honorable test result was publicly provided in 1996 by JHFA under the auspices of Japan Health & Welfare Ministry

√ 100% Pure Chlorella:   100% Natural, 100% Pure with NO binders & NO excipients of any kind

√ Nutrients Intact:   A complete super wellness green food by itself:

  • 16 types of vitamins, 14 types of minerals, 2 essential fatty acids, 4 dietary fibers (averaging 13%), natural chlorophyll, carotenoids & much more
  • CVE™ (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract) consists of glycoproteins, polysaccharides & nucleic acids (RNA & DNA derivatives)
MSRP $29.98                                                       MSRP $127.42
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“I started taking Chlorenergy” several years ago. When I did my first fitness competition, “Ms. Fitness World”, I noticed the difference right away. I was able to do very hard-core workouts, sometimes over an hour, including heavy weight-training plus an intense cardio workout, and I would still have energy to do more. I am very pleased with everything this supplement does, and so as my family, friends and personal training clients. LET’S GET CHLORENERGIZED!”….

Olga Kovaleva
Las Vegas, NV

Chlorella vs. Spirulina:  How Do They Stack Up?

People frequently ask the difference between chlorella and spirulina.  Both provide good ways to supplement diets lacking in green leafy vegetables.

  • 5x More Chlorophyll.  Nearly all of chlorella and spirulina's benefits can be attributed to their chlorophyll content.  Of all the plants and vegetables on earth, chlorella contains the highest amount of chlorophyll - generally 4-5 times the amount of spirulina.  Plus, chlorella has both types of chlorophyll - "a" and "b" - while spirulina has only chlorophyll "a."

  • More Advanced Plant.  Structurally, chlorella is a higher life form than spirulina,  Spirulina is classified as a photosynthetic bacterium, while chlorella is a plant with a cell nucleus, making it exactly like the advanced fruits and vegetables we eat everyday.

  • More Balanced Protein Quality.  There are three factors that determine protein quality,  i.e. digestibility rate, amino acid score, and bioavailability, making chlorella overall a better protein source.

  • Bioavailable B-12.  Vitamin B-12 is often under-consumed by vegetarians. Spirulina has vitamin B-12, which may be less bioavailable and its activity is irregular and different from that of cyanocobalamin. Chlorella contains a form of vitamin B-12 that can be absorbed and utilized by the body properly

  • Good Source of Lutein.  Lutein is one of the important carotenoids, and is getting increasingly popular. Just 4 grams of chlorella naturally provides seven milligrams of lutein, while spirulina has none.

Nutritional Differences:  Chlorella, Vegetables and Spirulina

  Chlorophyll "a" Chlorophyll "b" Lutein Vitamin C Bioavailable
Vitamin B-12
 Vegetables YES YES YES YES YES ---
 Spirulina YES --- --- --- --- ---

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best chlorella

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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