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CHLORENERGY®......Chlorella vulgaris with CVE (CK-Strain)
Dietary Chlorella Supplement (A complete food by itself)

What is it ?
Chlorenergy is a powerful dietary chlorella supplement made from pure chlorella vulgaris with naturally occurring chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE). It is available in tablet form (300 tabs & 1500 tabs). It is the best source of a fine chlorophyll.
(An average, 4-5 times more Chlorophyll than in spirulina)

Is it 100% natural ?
Yes, of course. Pure chlorella powder with naturally occurring chlorella vulgaris extract.
Nothing added. No binders. No excipients of any kind.

Who makes Chlorenergy...
CIC, the reputable pioneer who succeeded the world
s first mass-culture / production of chlorella in 1964, manufacturers for C’est Si Bon Company (Torrance, CA) exclusively distributing it to fine health food stores and health alternative practitioners.

What about nutrition ?
Chlorella vulgaris is basically a complete super wellness green food by itself. Chlorella was once considered by NASA as a food for future. (Chlorella is the King of all Alkaline Foods) Chlorenergy has 16 vitamins, 14 minerals, 2 essential fatty acids, 4 dietary fibers (average 13%), natural chlorophyll and much more. Caroteniods are the very important nutrients, and one of them is lutein. Chlorenergy has lutein in a good amount. Chlorenergy also has life-sustaining glyco-protein, polysaccharides, RNA/DNA derivatives, etc. which are the major constituents of the naturally occurring chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE) portion.

Why and what makes Chlorenergy a top-notch product (Japan's No.1) ?
CIC (C’est Si Bon’s manufacturing partner) is the world’s leader in chlorella culture / production.

In 1996, Japan Health & Nutrition Food Association tested 12 chlorella products commercially available in Japan, and publicly released the data that Chlorenergy has the highest digestibility rate of all, 82.8%-JHNFA

What does Chlorenergy offer you?
The whole concept of taking Chlorenergy is to enjoy all kind of green leafy vegetables in abundance and in condensed tablet form. Go for the GREEN....!  Chlorenergy is an authentic Chlorella vulgaris dietary supplement product with naturally occurring chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE). Feel great, relaxed with the Deep Green Super Food!

Prestigious 3rd party QOA lab!
Tests show Chlorenergy has undetectable  levels of toxins such as heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs.  (Proudly and safely made in Japan manufactured at GMP-JHNFA certified factory.

The state-of-the art Integral Manufacturing System under one roof !

Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. (C'est Si Bon's Manufacturing Partner In Japan)
( Kyushu Factory )
First of all, for an optimum high quality chlorella production, the mother strain to be used for the culture should be carefully selected and come from the superior class. Moreover, the technique how to create an optimal environment for the utmost benefits the strain can offer is very critical. Harvesting a good chlorella and spray-dying it for packaging/packing and delivery are as well important, which can only be achieved by the stringent quality and sanitary control in food processing that Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. can offer . In order to enable all of the above, from the development of the powerful strain to the open-air mass culture of Chlorella vulgaris Chikugo followed by the shipment of the final products are currently performed in one integral manufacturing roof of the company. Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. is second to none, and is the world foremost specialist and the leader in the industry providing the highest chlorella products to the world.

The highest standard of Quality Control The old cliché still holds true, " Pack up the quality in each production stage". Literally, this refers, needless to say, to the inspection of the products. Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. performs its quality control in each production point such as stages in spray-drying and tableting. For instance, in tableting stage, weight, pressure and solidity are measured. In this point, Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. gives this disintegration testing process an extra caution in order to meet the in-house high standard requirement setting the time to be in range of plus or minus 10 minutes, which is precisely designed for an optimum digestibility and bio-availability. Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. is proud that it is undoubtedly a superb practice as the time set even for disintegration of pharmaceutical grade tablets is 30 minutes according to Japan Pharmacopeia.   While reinforcing the safety in production environment such as the reservoirs and the dumping bacterial count in the in-door facilities, Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. goes through the complete manufacturing procedures. In day-to-day basis, Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd. takes a series of safety check in each production point including the quality control which further extends to the supervision of the entire production environment and the final inspection of the products.

chlorella being generated



chlorella supplement tablets
300 tablets (200mg each)


chlorenergy tablets
1500 tablets (200mg each)

chlorella vulgaris(1) Species/Strain: Characteristics of Chlorella vulgaris Chikugo strain (hereunder Chikugo):- The cell wall is extremely thin
- Digestibility is 82%
- Abundant in Chlorella vulgaris extract which is native to
Chikugo strain.
- Polysaccharide which is one of the constituents of
CVE is discharged surrounding the cell.
chlorella culture(2) Culture in flask (new)
First stage in its preliminary culture in order to stabilize and maintain the quality of the mother strain. The culture is proceeded by switching Chikugo strain into the liquid culture media giving it a constant mechanical shake.
chlorella fermented(3) Culture in small jar-fermenter (new) Second stage in its preliminary culture. The culture is performed by switching Chikugo strain into small jar-fermenter. While maintaining the active and fresh conditions for the culture, it then leads to the next stage, i.e. the culture of the mother strain in big jar-fermenter. big jar fermenter for chlorella(4) Big jar-fermenter (new) In this stage, the mother strain in its highest quality suitable for the open-air culture is constantly furnished in, while the temperature and pH for the culture are in control.
cultured chlorella(5) Open-air culture / production The mother strain cultured in big-fermenter now goes under the sun, i.e. to the open-air production pool. This is to let it absorb the abundant sun energy for maximization of the nutritional components within the cell. The depth of the pool is purposely designed to be shallow, 15cm (6 inches) so that the sun can fully penetrate. The harvest is done at its peak of the cell activation. The obtained liquid now goes to the next processing stage. chlorella processing(6) Centrifugal machine After the cultured liquid completes the centrifugation process, the cells of chlorella are repeatedly rinsed and then dehydrated to be kept as a concentrated suspension.
chlorella sterilization(7) Plate-heater The concentrated suspension goes through the plate-heater for sterilization.
chlorella dryer process(8) Spray-drier Chlorella power in fine particles is produced through an instantaneous spray-drying process.
chlorella being made into tablets(9) Tableting The fine powder of chlorella is evenly tableted and shaped for the packaging line.
chlorella tablet counting machine(10) Counting and filling The finished chlorella tablets are carefully counted to meet the pre-assigned numbers for each product to be bottled.
packaging chlorella supplements(11) Final packing for shipments The final bottled / packaged products are packed in corrugated cardboard for shipments domestically and/or internationally.

chlorenergy is the king of chlorella

chlorella supplement facts

Amino-acids found in Chlorenergy (100g)

Essential Amino acids Non-Essential
Isoleucine 2.50g Cystine 0.72g
Leucine 5.28g Tyrosine 1.77g
Lysine 3.76g Arginine 3.50g
Phenylalanine 3.10g Histidine 1.11g
Methionine 0.70g Alanine 4.69g
Threonine 2.90g Asparagine 5.52g
Tryptophan 1.33g Glutamic Acid 7.13g
Valine 3.72g Glycine 3.42g
    Proline 2.76g
Serine 2.39g
Total: 23.29g Total 33.01g


best chlorella

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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