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Chlorenergy Safety®

Chlorenergy® ’s Complete Safety unchanged  before & after 3.11.11 catastrophe
(Auspicious day in the year 2012)
Dear Valued Customers,

Followed by the catastrophic disaster of earthquake and tsunami hit in Tohhoku region of Japan on 3-11-2011, since then, the nuclear radiation problem has been the center of the topic among Japanese as well as people in the rest of the world. Especially people worry about food items made in Japan. There are still some several prefectures where sample testing of foods are performed in order to monitor the radiation level.

In the meantime,  please, however, completely rest assured of Chlorenergy® ’s safety. First of all, the place of the production of Chlorenergy® is approx. 1200km away geographically from the nuclear power plant, which is like a distance between Los Angeles and Denver, or Paris and Venezia, or Hong Kong and Manila. Japan is such a narrow country approx. 3000km from the northernmost islands to the southern islands. The production place in Japan is rather closer to Korea, and has been nothing affected whatsoever in radiation level of air/soil/water before and after the incident. Since customers from all over the world worry, though we don’t need to perform the tests, we have 3rd party lab conduct test from one lot to another showing no radioactive materials every time we ship out. We herewith assure you of the thorough safety of the product for the past, current and future.

Under this sound circumstances, we would like to solicit your same patronage and trust as ever in this world’s most researched/studied green algae—Chlorenergy®  which is the world’s oldest commercial base chlorella available since 1964 (the year of Tokyo Olympic)

Thank you for your kind support.

Truly yours,

Dr. Kazuo “Kazie” Uyama, N.D.
C’est Si Bon Company

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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